Window key bakelite

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Mercedes, MB, part number 120 720 0151

The inner window panels of the 180/190/219 pontoons are made of the precursor to plastic, material name Bakelite. These parts can break. We have almost all variants in stock. It is important to distinguish between the front doors with or without a triangular window and the driver's door with or without a door lock button. Used and undamaged.
There are no differences in the rear. You will find the part number stamped on the back below. VL 120 720 0151 VR 120 720 0251 HL 120 730 0151 HR 120 730 0251
We also have all the other Bakelite parts in stock, e.g. Just ask.

Bakelite parts in general:

We have almost all bakelite parts from used vehicles in stock in good condition: Switch strip, ashtray cover, glove compartment cover, cover for the fan lever linkages on the right and left, window key, front window frame, inside door handles, etc. Please just ask.

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