Sunroof-down device - Mercedes-Benz Ponton, large, 2 pieces

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MB-reference number: 120 781 0321 and 120 781 0421

2nd Type "long", show not for the folding roofs in the open state, the folding back of the sky. He disappears into a kind of tape. Approximately up to yoc 56 these parts were built for rooftops.

The top-down devices should be right and left of the convertible top frame to the front. There are only two threaded holes at intervals of xxx cm visible, you are missing this part. It ensures that led to the folding roof is in the verge of closing down the front and clean is present.

Again, it is often the case in our experience that these "small parts" are in the course of dismantling lost a lot. The original had the words "Webasto". We supply a reproduction function in itself, but without the inscription.

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