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Fender repair metal sheets, passenger side, rear right, Part Of, Mercedes-Ponton, Convertible, Coupe

Product no.: MB-ET-0054-72

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Spare Parts diagram No. 72 - 180 640 0272

The rear fender was only available as a complete rear wing for welding at Mercedes. However, as often only the fender edge is rusted and you now this is important to save as much original substance as possible, we have developed here section Repair sheets. The marker shows which area occupies the repair sheets on the fender.
This sheets can be found around the wheel arch (where also the wheel arch chrome takes place) and above. Here the condensate collects and creeps into the seam between outer and inner fenders. Seal after repairs. Frequent drivers see Edge rust protection Karos ( The plate is made in two parts, as the vehicle lengths at Ponton coupe and convertible due to the manual production up to 2cm may be different lengths. Through the division, you can compensate for these variations in length better. Best directed you look after hopefully still present Radlaufchrom to restore the original as possible. Should the wheel arch chrome be missing, even those we perform as a complete set in our range.

Should be ailing under the taillight of your rear fender, also here we offer single repair section sheets, as for the inner wheel arch.

Also for the wheel arch itself, Mercedes-reference "wheel arch outside left" Plan no. 20 (ETNr: 180 647 0375 Cabrio / ETNr: 180 647 0775 Coupé) and "wheel arch outside right" Plan no. (ETNr: 180 647 0475 Cabrio / ETNr: 180 647 0875 coupe) are metal sheets available.

ter processes are executed as in the original, see spare plan.

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