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Headlamp glass Set front for Mercedes Ponton/190SL/300SL-Gullwing

Product no.: MB-ET-0040-S

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100.00 / pair(s)
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Make Bosch, asymmetric, original, new / nos
MB Order No: 0005448190 Bosch No: 1305604070

Two glasses are actually in the spare parts stock. Quickly a glass is damaged by falling rocks!

There are two types of lighting at the Ponton:

Early models until 1957 have symmetrical lighting. The line of the headlight glass is symmetrical, the matching reflector has a bayonet bulb. Bosch and Hella were the suppliers. Please inquire for these models separately.

The late models then have asymmetric light, i. the line of the headlight glass is then uneven, as shown here. These headlamps have a Bilux bulb. The asymmetric Bosch glass is arched outwards, which looks simply better with the "round" pontoon 190SL-300SL than the relatively flat Hella glass. The glass offered by us has the Bosch lettering in capital letters. There is this glass also with script Bosch lettering. Please request this case separately.

This headlight lens also fits with the tail fins "Heckflosse" with round piggeries (ie 190, 200 and 230) and the BMW V8.

We have all headlamp lenses, whether Hella or Bosch, whether asymmetrical or symmetrical, or H4, USA sealed beam or asymmetrical for right-hand traffic. These are then mainly used. Please ask such glasses by mail.

We also supply complete floodlights or H4 conversions - please inquire separately.

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