Starter 1.4 KW "Type R 30" for Mercedes Ponton

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490.00 €

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Small and strong as an ox. This starter is superior to the original starter in every respect. He needs less starting current is stronger and less prone to overload. And the best: It's cheaper than an original starter!

Especially with electrical components, the progress is clear. So there are now starters at the same or smaller dimensions which make more and consume less power. So why pick on an old starter tedious if you can build something better and even cheaper.

The old starter you store, original is original and rebuilding is possible at any time.

Look on the same subject under three-phase alternator.

Starters are available for all Ponton gasoline engines, four-or six-cylinder, except earlier M 136 (170 engine, up to year 57 in the 180 original and one Ponton with 6 volts) available:
Starter for gasoline Pontons, from 180a to 220SE
Starter for all 180s diesel with 636 engine (40-43 hp = starter for all 190 diesel and 180Dc (48 - 50 hp).

For all Mercedes Ponton petrol engines 180-220 (except M 136, early 180s from 1953-1956, please inquire separately).

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