Sliding sunroof latch on the frame - Mercedes-Benz Ponton

Sliding sunroof latch on the frame - Mercedes-Benz Ponton

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MB reference anchor plate: 120 781 0020, threaded plate: 120 657 0011

The anchor plate is often "damaged" or generally unattractive due to frequent collisions with the lock jaw. Note that the rear retaining plate has a recess in which to engage the locking hook. So if someone because of external wear the plate simply turns around, the hook has less grip. That may be the solution to the difficulties in closing the folding roof!

We have remade this part new, contemporary with the locking plate and screws. The screws are standard industry commodity and not as it was then hard chrome plated as standard. For perfectionists: So if you still have the original chrome-plated screws, remove and polish! (We have the super polished "Monidur" in the program!) There is also the possibility of these screws relate to.

Set includes: anchor plate, locking plate, 2 industrial screws

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