Chrome trim kit for Mercedes-Benz Ponton Cabrio + Coupé (brass, 10-pc.)

(1 set(s) = 2,700.00 €)

2,700.00 €

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ATTENTION: Only 1 set available!

Chrome trim kit for Mercedes-Benz Ponton Cabrio + Coupé in raw brass with good quality, 10 pieces (complete set only).

The chrome trim kit, since the Ponton Coupe and Cabrio cars are handmade, can be adapted individually for each car. Therefore the set is delivered unchromed. Adapt and go to the chrome plating of your choice. Brass can be easily chromed.

The brass strips are delivered raw, which means they have to be adapted to the vehicle. This is necessary because Mercedes has set the vehicle tolerances for the handcrafted coupé and convertible models at 2.5 cm per side. In this respect, doors can be up to 1-2 cm different in length and the set must be made oversized accordingly to compensate for these tolerances. If the set is adjusted, it can be chromed. Before chrome plating, the surface can be checked again for distortions and, if necessary, repaired or being reworked. But this must be done by the buyer. We only supply the pictured set in the quality shown there. We asked our advertising company to send us a product photo/image in a higher resolution.

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